A Run Down on Australia

australian_flag_2This fall I will be headed to Australia for a few weeks. I have never been before, and I plan on seeing a lot, while not going overboard, or so I say.  I wanted to give a little idea of my itinerary and plans for the trip.  At some point I will also discuss my budget for the trip to, not that I ever formerly budget for a trip, but I am keeping track of expenses.


Day 1 and 2 – Flying from NYC to Brisbane

Day 3 Arrive in Brisbane and visit the Lone Pine Lodge Koala Sanctuary, then fly to Melbourne

Day 4-7 Melbourne – Plans include seeing the Penguin Parade, Great Ocean Road and possibly doing a wine tour.

Day 8 Fly to Sydney

Day 8-13 Sydney – Plans include Sydney Bridge Climb, Bondi Beach, Taronga Zoo, Blue Mountains

Day 14 fly up the Gold Coast and stay at Broadbeach for 2 nights.

Day 16-24 I start a G Adventures tour of the Sunshine Coast – Brisbane to Cairns Experience.

Day 24 and 25 – Fly from Cairns back to Brisbane for my flight home.

For my accomodations I’m using a mixture of things. In Melbourne I will be staying at a hostel in a private room, in Sydney I’m staying in a 4 woman dorm in a hostel.  In Broadbeach I’m treating myself to a one bedroom hotel suite which for 2 nights will cost more then my 5 night stay in Melbourne.  But, I wanted a treat before starting my tour, and it has a washer and dryer so I can get myself together laundry wise before the tour.  I haven’t stayed in many hostels in my day, but I thought it was time to push my comfort zone.

I’m open to suggestions of things to do on the trip or tips to keep myself from looking like too much of a tourist.


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