Attacked in Sydney

I often find myself posting about the different places I see on this blog, occasionally an experience will jump out at me, but too often I’m posting about regular touristy stuff.  Today I thought I would post a funny experience from my time in Sydney.

Picture it, a warm, sunny day in Sydney… Ok, the weather was actually clearing after some morning rain. I had a few minutes before tracking down a walking tour of the city and thought I would grab some Hungry Jack’s.  I got two mini burgers and ate them as I walked over.

The setting for the attack (near the terminal)

Well, I took a bite out of one and then a bird swooped in and stole it out of my hand.  It was impressive really, he didn’t touch me at all! It was one of those moments when you look from your hand to the bird, to your hand, to the bird to your hand, to the bird.  You get the idea…

It’s pretty funny in retrospect. But my hiding as I ate the other burger and my fries, not so funny. Nor was the fact that I was scared of the birds the rest of my time in Sydney, and there were a lot of them.

Word to the wise, in the ferry area of Circular Quay, eat INSIDE.

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