Betty In the Sky With A Suitcase

Betty In The Sky With a Suitcase is a podcast I’ve been listening to for about 6 years.  Betty is a Flight Attendant for a major US airline and she does a (usually) monthly podcast about flight attendant experiences and her travels.

Her podcasts consist of interviews with other flight attendants and pilots about their experiences.  They range from crazy passengers to silly things that the crew does to each other, throw in an occasional bad experience (emergency landing with a happy ending) and she’s covering all the bases.

She also tells some stories of her own experiences traveling, and she covers a lot of ground. From Easter Island to well, really after Easter Island do I need to expand on more on exotic places to go?

Betty is an absolute sweetheart, I hope I meet her on my flights one day.  I know she’ll take good care of me, and maybe give me a laugh too.

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