Bondi and Manly Beaches

Even before I researched Australia I had heard of Bondi Beach, the famous one in Sydney.  It’s also the one where all the tourists go.  I guess compared to other Australian beaches it was “crowded” but compared to New York beaches, it was heaven.

Bondi Beach

While I was visiting with some local friends near Manly Beach they told me how they didn’t like Bondi Beach, it was mostly touristy and crowded. The husband admitted that he might know some men who hang out there for the female tourists, if you know what I mean.

I guess compared to some of the other beaches I saw in Australia, Bondi was kind of crowded.  However, I’ve been to Jones Beach in New York in the summer, and Australian’s don’t know crowded!

Bondi did have a touristy vibe and tons of touristy shops there. I guess I can’t argue the touristy element of the beach. But Bondi does have a lovely setting and pretty views.  It may not be a beach lover’s paradise, but I wouldn’t eliminate it as a choice either.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach

On the other hand I did visit Manly Beach, and quite honestly, I’m not sure it was much better.  There are a lot of touristy shops there as well.  The afternoon I was there the beach was quite busy, particularly with a lot of surfers.  I don’t know if that means it’s more or less touristy.  But Manly did seem to be a better choice if you want to learn to surf.

A pool overlooking Bondi Beach

One nice thing that Bondi does have is the cliff walk.  While I was there it was home of “Sculpture By The Sea,” which was cool in its own right.  But I even if there are no sculptures, the cliff walk is amazing!

If you’re going to visit the beach in Sydney (and you should), both beaches are lovely.  Depending on your style and interest, one might be better than the other. As for me, I’ll probably end up at the one that is more convenient to get to.

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