California Highlights Part 6 San Fran to Santa Barbara

This morning we boarded the bus and headed down to Santa Barbara. We arrived in Santa Barbara in the early afternoon and walked around Sterns Warf and some of the stores on State Street. I wasn’t overly impressed with Santa Barbara, not much there and kinda expensive.

After Sterns Warf we went to the hotel, which was very nice and a bunch of us went in the hot tub to chill out for a bit. We had dinner at the hotel and then we headed out to some bar in Santa Barbara where we played pool, danced and generally had a good time. The bar closed at 2am so at 1:30 they had last call and at 1:45 told everyone to get the fuck out, it was great! We call cabs to get back to the hotel and hung out in someone’s room for a while talking. We had found out earlier that 2 people on our tour were actually Tour Managers in Europe with Contiki so I got a couple tips from them for future trips.

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