Sep 01

British Museum

Rosetta Stone

The first time I visited London I didn’t have much interest in the British Museum.  But on my trip last year it was at the top of the list.  The difference?  I had been to Egypt and wanted to see the Rosetta Stone

The British Museum is great.  The main atrium was large and open with lots of natural light.  There were also benches where you could rest while you planned your attack on the museum. 

Off the main room is the Rosetta Stone, other then being a big rock with 3 languages (Dolmotic, Greek, Hyroglypyics) on it, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Well, it is a BIG rock with tiny print on it, I think that was what surprised me most.  In the Egyptian temples hyroglyphics are so large, but on the Rosetta Stone it was tiny. 

I did visit the rest of the Egyptian exhibit, which had some really impressive pieces.  The collection wasn’t even close to as large as The Met in New York City.  But, the pieces were better, if you don’t factor in that the Met has a temple.  Hmmm, Temple vs Rosetta Stone – I think Rosetta Stone wins for it lasting influence.   

Next I went to the Greek exhibits, which were impressive in the calabre of the art – heck when you steal from the Parthenon you will get some good art.  But like most ancient greek art, it wasn’t in great condition – missing arms, legs, heads, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, what they had was well cared for, it just hadn’t lasted the test of time before being rescued for the elements. 

After this I decided to head back to my hotel.  After flying in that morning, and visiting St. Paul’s I was a bit exhausted.  But for the price of FREE – the British Museum is more then a bargain!  I did hear that the British govenrment is considering charging to visit the British Museum, so if you’re to London soon that should definately be high on your list.

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May 13

Giraffe, The Restaurant

About a year before I went to London my friend mentioned that there were “giraffes everywhere” in London – he was referring to the restaurant chain, Giraffe.  I was instantly intrigued and quickly fell in love with Giddy the Giraffe. 

I managed to visit 3 different Giraffe’s when I was in London:  Southbank Center, Russell Square (which is not called Russell Square but is near there), and Heathrow. 

It’s a cute little cafe type of restaurant with a long menu of English food – I didn’t have any great meals there, the menu had a lot of foods that just didn’t appeal to me.  The food itself was good, but not great.  I also didn’t get to see Giddy.  But the locations were great – Southbank center is a short walk from the London Eye and in a nice shopping/eating mecca where you could tell it was more of a local place then a tourist place.  The one near Russell Square was in a pedestrian mall with other restaurants and shops – another great location that doesn’t scream tourist. 

But the true highlight was when I was at Heathrow and decided to get a smoothie – it was delicious!  I drink a lot of smoothies and this one was really really good.  I’m sorry I hadn’t gotten one on my previous trips as I probably would have had a better opinion of the restaurant.

Overall, I wouldn’t suggest anyone run there, I would check out the menu and if you see something that intersts you, then go.  If nothing interests you on the menu, go to a pub and get fish and chips.  But if you love giraffes, like me, then go, if nothing else the theme is fun.