Dec 10

Review: Borrow Lenses – Camera lens rental

A few months ago I recommended Borrow Lenses as a good service for trying out new lenses, or renting a lens for a trip.  This past May I finally had a reason to use the service to rent a lens for my south Africa trip.
I rented a Canon 28-300 for almost 3 weeks and paid around $275 for the rental, shipping and insurance.
Once you choose your lens on the Borrow Lenses site and make your reservation you will receive a confirmation.  If you are requesting a high end or specialty lens that they may not have a lot of stock of, I highly recommend reserving the lens in advance. I did not experience any issues, but I have occasionally seen that there would be a waiting period for specific lenses.

On the designated day of delivery the lens should be delivered (it must be signed for). I gave myself a one and a half day buffer for delivery. This gave me extra time to get familiar with the lens and also an extra day in case the lens got delayed in shipping. I am happy to report my lens did arrive on time.

The packaging was very well padded, reusable and included instructions for my lens (it’s a push/pull lens) and rental.  When I returned from my trip I packed up my lens in the same box I had used and dropped it off at a Fed Ex shipping center, got a receipt and a few hours later received confirmation from Borrow Lenses that I had met the requirements of the agreement.

The hardest part was getting myself out of the house to drop the lens off at a Fed Ex center.
As for the lens, I loved it! There were a few times that I wanted more zoom, but there were some times I was glad it went so wide too.  No lens is perfect, but this was a great range for my 2 days of Safari.