Jan 05

Friday Posts

For the last two years I have used a theme for Friday photography posts.

2016 was animals.

2017 was flowers.

2018 will be lights. I may not do this every Friday, particularly early in the year. I seem to be behind on a few projects and trying to streamline a few things to make sure I focus on other things. There will be some, but they may not be every week.

Happy New Year!

Sep 03

Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens

Everywhere I go people talk about these “Botanical Gardens.” I’ve never visited one since I usually don’t have a ton of time in a city and frankly, I suffer from a bit of PTSD after a tour in Hawaii with a guide who was an amateur botanist.  But I had some time on a beautiful morning in Sydney and heard it was nice there.

The view from Government House

I was there for the opening of the day and had some trouble finding it. How the heck would I know that it’s really just like a park.  I was looking for flowers!  Actually, I didn’t have that much trouble finding it, I had trouble realizing that I was in it.

Government House

But once I realized I was there, it was quite lovely and serene.  No, there weren’t that many flowers, and it was essentially a park, it had a nice setting.  It’s situated along the water in Sydney with great views of the Downtown Seattle, the Opera House, and Harbor Bridge.

View of Harbor Bridge and the Opera House

Within the grounds there is Government House, which was closed during my visit, but did offer a great garden area.  If you’re not much of a walker, there is a tour you can take from the entrance near Sydney Opera House that was just a few dollars and will tell you some of the history of the gardens

If someone wants to run or walk while on vacation, or just have a relaxing day in a nice setting with a great  view, the Sydney Botanical Gardens would be a great stop in Sydney.

Nov 27

What I’m Thankful for This Year

Last year Thanksgiving came right on the heels of Hurricane Sandy, I was feeling extra thankful that year. Not I like to use thanksgiving to be publicly express my thankfulness, for this blog I like to focus on something in the travel world I’m thankful.

This year I’m thankful for coming home from vacation or travels.  I know it seems silly.  But after being away from home for a few weeks, there is nothing like your own bed, shower, and your own stuff.  As much as I love to explore, and see the world, it makes you appreciate the things at home even more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jul 31

Ackk, My Deadline Is Here!

Back in June when I decided to go ahead with my website upgrades I gave myself about a month or so to get the site ready to go.  In that time I have done quite a bit of work (not as much as I had hoped though), I transferred everything over to WordPress, got a new theme and then another theme, and started fixing all the categorizing and tagging (which will take quite a while for me to complete).

But, tomorrow is August and it’s time to get back to posting again.

I’ve decided to stick to my old schedule:

Monday will be Photos of the Week

Wednesday – Travel Content

Friday – Travel Tips or Website/App/Product Reviews

I do have an extensive trip planned this fall, to Australia so you’ll be hearing about that this fall.

I am in the process of setting up an account with SmugMug, while they are revamping their service. Because of that there may be a missed week or two with my Photo’s of the Week.  I’m working on that, when I can.

Thanks for sticking around during all these changes, most of which did not go as I had planned, but somehow worked out.

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see or hear about.

Jun 30

Changes Have Come!

Last week I started work on the site and as sometimes happens, thing’s didn’t go as planned.  So, I guess I have launched the new site ahead of schedule. However, I have a lot of work to do, so it will take a few weeks to get things set up.  Thank you for your patients during this time. I will be back to posting new content in a few weeks.



Jun 20

Changes Coming

I have finally made the decision to make some major changes to this site.  In the next few weeks I will be working on transitioning to a WordPress site.  Due to the complexities of migrating everything and then resetting up some of the pages, I expect this will take me a few weeks to make it presentable.

My planned launch date is August 1, though I am hoping it will be sooner.

However, I am transferring my domain from one company to another and if that causes issues with the ability to view this site on it’s current Blogger platform, then I will launch sooner, even if it’s not quite ready.

During this time I will not be creating any new content (though I do have a few rough drafts waiting for the launch), except maybe the Photo of the Week.

See you in a few weeks!