Aug 10

Travel Declarations!

I apologize for not posting more often on Friday’s.  I started a little venture with a friend and it’s taking up a lot of my free time, combined with not having much to review or recommend.

But I am here today to declare new vacation commitment/plan/idea.  For my 30th Birthday I spent a month in Scandinavia and Russia.  For my post dental work trip I’m currently planning on doing Australia for 3-4 weeks late next year.  When I retire from my job in 7 years I want to travel around the world.  That leaves me with, what to do for my 40th Birthday????  Well it’s in 4 years and on my bucket list is to go to the Olympics so for my 40th Birthday I’m going to the Olympics in Rio!!!!!  And with 4 years to plan I have no excuses for not planning appropriately.

Jun 08


String, so simple and small.  I bring string with me on medium length trips – over a week to a month or two in length.  The length of a trip where you can’t pack clothes for ever day, but not so long that it’s easier to just buy an actual travel clothes line.

It goes with my laundry soap to dry my clothes.  While some hotels have clothes line in bathrooms, not all do.  And do you really want to hang your clothes on the furniture of a hotel room?  All you need with string is two points to tie the string to and you have a clothes line, simple!  And since it’s cheap you can just leave it behind.  I try to bring enough string to last a few dryings.

One nice spot to hang clothes in the winter is over the heater.  You’ll want it a few feet above so it doesn’t start a fire, but the warm air will improve the drying time.

May 25

Luggage Scale

Several years ago I bought a suitcase scale, after having to move a couple pounds of stuff from my suitcase to my carry on in Hawaii it seemed like a wise investment.  It has come in handy on several occasions.  You know, when you buy way too much stuff at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, true story. 

Mine is one of the larger ones, while it takes up more room, it’s easier to pick up luggage with.

May 04

Travel Tip – Post It’s

Here’s a tip for this week – bring Post It’s.

They’re small and have multiple uses.  You can write yourself notes, use them as book marks.  But, the reason I’m recommending them for travel is because it’s a way to write notes to friends you meet.  Whether on a cruise, land tour or just in a hostel traveling on your own.  Post It’s are a great way to leave a quick note for someone about where your when to meet for an activity. 
Yes, there are phones, but I find Post It’s are quicker and simpler (lets face it, not everyone is good with technology and many phones today are mini computers).  And, they’re self sticking!

Apr 25

Port of Naples

I have to admit, I don’t know much about Naples, the city has such a bad reputation and few people get off cruise ships to tour the city.  On top of that, there is so much beauty in the surrounding area, for the one time cruise passenger there is no reason to visit Naples and leave Pomepeii and the Amalfi Coast unvisited. 

I’ll admit to doing the same – visiting only Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.  It’s a shame though, Naples is one of the few European ports where the ship docks in the city and people seem to run away from it. 

But this has left me pretty curious about Naples.  I think for someone on a second cruise visiting Naples it would be an opportunity to visit the city, but do they?  I know there is good pizza in the city, and I know there are some good museusms too.  Particularly there is a museum on Pompeii, a nice suppliment if you’ve been to Pompeii. 

So after my tour, when I had free time to enjoy sitting on deck reading, I looked out at the city and wondered.  I wondered what the city had to offer visitors, and I wondered if it was worth the risk of the dangers the city is said to possess.  I also wonder if when I return I’ll take my own advice.

If you want some actual tips on visiting Naples on your own, Cruize Cast has a nice podcast on the city, telling you how to get to Pompeii and what other things there are to do in the city. 

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