Apr 06


Today I don’t have a tip or anything.  I’m looking for help…

I’m looking for a day bag for travel, something that will hold my DSLR camera, wallet, phone, etc.  Anyone have a bag they love?

Mar 30

Delays in posting

As some of you might know, I had surgery in the beginning of the month.  I had a bone graft from my leg to my mouth.  I’ve run into an issue where I can’t sit for long periods at my desk, so although I did have some posts lined up for post surgery, they are running out.

So, there may be some missed posts in the next few weeks while I catch up and also work on some posts to put up while I’m away in June.

Mar 23

Who or What is The Traveling Giraffe?

I’ve been writing this blog for a few years now and I’m not sure if I’ve ever really wrote about who or what The Traveling Giraffe is.

I had first made a website for myself back in 1999, just a few pictures to update my friends on what I was doing after college.  It grew a bit once something interesting was happening – travel.  Then I started to read travelogues and take some tours, I decided that I wanted to write travelogues about my own tours.  I set up a website at giraffegirl.net and kept it up for a few years (it’s currently hosted on a friends website).  But there’s a funny thing about travelogues, they stop when the trip stops.  No room for growth, so here I am writing a blog.

But, The Traveling Giraffe?

In 2006 after finishing my tour through Scandinavia I was walking through the main train station in Copenhagen when I saw it, a small giraffe.  I bought him and named him after our day song through Russia – Rasputin.  Not too long after that I realized that this would be my travel buddy, like the Roaming Gnome from Travelocity.  I could take pictures of him while I traveled to break up the monotony of pictures of me or pictures without me. 

When I needed a name for my blog I went through a lot of ideas, but I decided that Rasputin could be my partner in writing the blog.  He’s been kinda useless, being stuffed and all, but it’s still fun trying to figure out new ways to take pictures of him.

Rasputitn does have his own Flikr account if you want to see his travels.

Mar 16

All I have on Barcelona

Since I have finally finished posting everything I wanted to say about Barcelona I thought I would offer a listing of links to all the Barcelona posts I wrote in one place:

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The rest of what I have to say on Barcelona

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Mar 09

Follow Me on Pinterest!

I’ve recently joined Pinterest.  My boards are all over the place, but there are certainly a few on travel if you’re interested. I’ve only just begun to play with it, but so far I like it.  It’s a different way to search for things and express your interests. 

If you’ve never used it and are wondering what the heck it is or why you should use it – it’s a social networking site where you share pictures of things that interest you.  You create “boards” for specific topics and “pin” pictures to it.  Travel is a great topic for Pinterest since it lends itself to photography so well.  I am happy to have you “pin” pictures from my site that you like!

Another way to use it is to pin things that interst you, the pin will provide a link back to where the photo came from, working as a bookmarking system.

Mar 07

Dining in Walt Disney World – February Edition

On my February trip to Disney World I tried a couple new restaurants and got to re-visit a few too.

Kona Cafe – This was a new restaurant for me located at the Polynesian Resort.  I had breakfast and lunch here with mixed results.  Breakfast was quick with good food.  Lunch wasn’t as good.  The menu didn’t appeal to me and my lunch was actually pretty bad.  I got a steak salad, the salad dressing wasn’t to my taste, and the steak was terrible.  It was very fatty and tough.  I should have gotten a cheeseburger.

Ohana – A new restaurant for dinner for me (breakfast a few years ago was a different experience).  This is similar to one of those meatfest restaurants (aka Brazilian steak houses).  This was actually a very nice dinner, the salad and bread were tasty without being too exotic.  The veggies were fresh and the meats were tender and tasty.  I would recommend this to the meat lovers out there. 

Biergarten – I was here in 2007 and I wasn’t very hungry when we went to eat, but I enjoyed the food anyway.  My biggest complaints are that the band was a little too loud and the desserts weren’t very exciting.  But I looved the pretzel bread!  Not a good restaurant choice if you want a private dining experience, you will be seated with strangers unless you have a group of 8 or more.

50’s Prime Time Cafe – I was here in 2007 and it was more low key then I remember.  The food here was good, my nephew loved his kid’s meatloaf because it was shapped like a meatball.  While the restaurant still has that 50’s Mom’s kitchen theme to it, I remember it being a lot more fun the last time I was here.  While they told you the “rules” here they did not enforce them.  For some that’s a good thing, but in terms of a dining experience, it’s lost its edge. 

Whispering Canyon – Located at Wilderness Lodge I was also here in 2007.  This is a fun place to take the kids (ok, maybe not teens though), there is a whole gimick around ketchup, which we all got a laugh at.  The BBQ dinner is excellent, but a lot of food, everything tasted good.  I particularly liked the salad and the pulled pork.  The last time I was here there was an area in the back that was a little quieter, a good option if you’re not into the whole running around with ketchup thing.

It’s a ketchup thing

One other observation I had that was specific to dining was that I found myself singing Happy Birthday a lot.  I’ve never been in a restaurant for someone elses birthday at Disney before, but I found myself near at least 3 birthdays on this trip – it was fun though when a whole restaurant would sign Happy Birthday to a stranger.

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