Clubbing In Las Vegas

Clubbing isn’t really my thing, I’m more of a bar with some music in the background kinda gal.  I like to be able to chat with people.  But when I was in Las Vegas on a Contiki tour I decided, when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do. Also, it’s one of the few “Las Vegas” things I haven’t done, so it was time to do it so I would have a legit excuse to not do it in the future.  Being onthe Contiki tour we had a club promotor and for like $15 or $25 he got us into 3 clubs (I only went to 2) with some free drinks so, why not?

 Rain at the Palm – This is one of the big clubs I’ve actually heard of.  It was big, loud and had lots of dancing. The drinks were also REALLY strong, as in, I could barely drink it because it was so strong. The reason you mix a drink is so you don’t have to drink straight vodka. This club actually seemed like a good club, if you like clubs.  There were lots of people dancing and drinking, what more do you want? Of all the clubs we went to this might have been the best. The music was even better than I expected.

Lux at Luxor was kinda lame.  The club was small and the music wasn’t so hot. I think this club would have been better as a swanky lounge than as a “club.” And maybe that’s what it was and nobody told us, but something wasn’t quite right here. We left after an appropriate amount of time and went to:

Carnivale at Harrah’s is an outdoor club with a more relaxed vibe to it.  If you’re looking for something more casual then this might be a better option then Rain.

I should warn you though what I know about the clubs in Vegas.  Granted, I only know this from my brother-in-law, but he prides himself in knowing everything about Vegas so I’m inclined to think this is at least partly true.  When you’re hired to work at a club, you may only work 2 or 3 nights at your home club.  The other nights you’re going to other clubs to “party.” Basically, you’re getting paid to help fill other clubs and make them appear to be popular.  Basically, the clubs are all in with each other, assigning each their “night” and helping to make the clubs seem popular by sending employees from other clubs there.

If this is true, the good news is that the local employee is less likely to put something in your drink, but he’s also either giving you a fake number or an STD from the girl/guy the night before.Clubbing

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