Colorado History Museum

After gallivanting through the state of Colorado I finally finished with a day in Denver, a rainy day in Denver.  It was time to visit museums.  My first stop was the Colorado History Museum.

The museum is only a few months old and was recommended by my friend and Trip Advisor.  While I thought the museum was better geared towards children, it would certainly appeal to adults too.  For children I would suggest middle school age, plus or minus a year or two.

The museum told the stories of the early Colorado settlers, skiing, Native American’s, Japanese and a few more topics.  It’s a self-guided tour with a variety of video and wall card things to tell the story.

 As much as I enjoyed the museum, it is geared towards a younger crowd who will have fun while being educated.  But adults can also have some fun and learn too. They may find themselves skipping one or two smaller pieces or exhibits as they’re obviously designed for kids. But otherwise they’ll be able to fill and hour or two in this museum. Words of caution though, there are quite a few school groups during the week. Although they are well managed by the staff, you may find exhibits getting over run at times.


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