Construction everywhere

I’m being overly dramatic here, but when I was in Disney in May I noticed “a lot” of construction.  Maybe I never really saw construction there in the past, but I felt like there was a lot of construction going on there.  In truth I only specifically remember one spot (maybe 2) with construction, but it was in a weird spot and very much in my way.

In World Showcase in front of Mexico there was a “giant” construction site shielded by a wooden wall.  When you walked out of the pavilion the wall was right there and went to your right for a fair distance (the left side of the park if you’re looking at the map.)  I walked by this several times (maybe that’s why it seemed like there was so much construction) but it was most in my way the night we were watching Illumniations and I had to get past it to find a spot. 

What is weird is I’m wondering what they heck they are doing there?  The wall is quite tall, maybe 10 feet and extends a fair distance and it’s on the water side.  They’re not building a new pavilion based on the location and other then a railing, some trees, or a kiosk I can’t imagine why they would need such a tall wall. 

Do does anyone else know what is going on there?

I do remember seeing another spot in the Magic Kingdom, though as I’m writing this in August I don’t remember exactly where.

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  1. I do! There used to be a quick service “cantina” and a margarita bar there…they are revamping it and I think making it part quick service, part full service restaurant.

    I agree about the giant wall being obnoxious, though. Disney used to be a lot neater when they were doing “construction”…it feels like they just don’t care as much anymore.

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