Crazy Power Points in South Africa

Whenever I travel internationally I like to check the plug adapters, which was what I did before I went to South Africa.  And they conveniently looked a lot like the European plug.  I also saw that UK plugs are sometimes used. I’ve got both of them, I was set.

But then something told me to double check and it turns out that a few months prior South Africa designated a new official plug, that is not like the European or the UK’s plugs. UGH! I probably should have done this checking more than a day before the trip, but I was able to find the South Africa plug adapter in the airport.

But I did take the UK (had a stopover in London anyway) and European plugs just in case. It was a great move! Turns out many hotels have a variety of outlets available, this meant I was able to plug more things in! I still wonder about the decision of South Africa to get their own unique plug, instead of using an existing plug type.  But, at least it worked out for me.

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