Denver Museum of Art

On my rainy day in Denver after visiting the Colorado History Museum and CELL it was time to walk one more block and see some art.  I was a bit weary about this museum, as it seemed to be heavy in contemporary art. I’m just a bit skeptical about contemporary art because I’ve seen too much art that seems more like someone was high and had a “brilliant” idea then like art.

While there was some contemporary art, some good, some not so good, there was a wide variety of art in the museum.  I really enjoyed some of the paintings of scenes from around the state, gave that local touch.  There was also European art and African art and Oceanic art, Photography and Asian art. Basically, there is a something for everyone at this museum and it’s quality art too, in my non-expert opinion.

If you’re looking for some non-nature activities to do in Denver, since Colorado seems to be the “go outside and do stuff state,” then this museum will meet anyone’s interests.  The museum is actually quite beautiful by itself, with an open and airy feel to it.

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