confused-owlSeveral months ago when I was actually trying to learn French (I’m taking a break), I heard about Duolingo. It’s a free website/app to learn languages.  So far French, German, Spanish, Portugese and Italian are available.

The site/app has short lessons where you learn words and phrases.  It uses, reading, writing, listening and speech within the lessons.  I’ve also done Rosetta Stone, and while I have learned quite a bit doing that, I felt like I was missing some pieces and I was having trouble getting some stuff to click.  With the addition to Duolingo, French was finally starting to fully come together.

While I don’t think Duolingo alone with make you proficient at a language, it’s a cheap, effective way to learn a language.  I also like that the lessons are short, making it easier to fit into your life.

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