Durango, Colorado

When my friend told me she was moving to Durango I was a little shocked and a bit disappointed. Once I started looking into Durango I felt much better about the change in plans.

Durango certainly isn’t a metropolis, but it’s still a cute little town.  My first thought on arriving was that it was desert, as in a lot of dirt and smaller shrubby trees.  I’ve discovered that it is not my favorite landscape.

At first the surrounding area seemed a little disorganized, but that was probably because I’ve never been there. For a relatively small town in a valley the number of townhouses surprised me.  I get townhouses, they’re cool, but for a town with room to grow, they seem like an odd choice of housing.

Once we got to downtown though, Durango made sense.  It’s adorable; it’s at least 6 blocks long. There are a few souvenir shops, but it’s mostly restaurants and local shops. Do you want chocolate, French bread, wine, pizza or a brewery?  It’s all here.  It’s not in that cheesy way that Deadwood was; it was like a real town that people live in.

No, I don’t think it should top your bucket list, but if you’re in the region, it’s worth the visit.

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