Ok, this isn’t entirely travel related, but I think it’s cool so I’m going to find a way to tie it to travel anyway – The Fitbit!

What the heck is a Fitbit?  It’s a really cool pedometer, and more.


Fitbit Zip

Fitbit’s come in a couple different versions, what they all do is track your daily steps, along with the Fitbit software (available online and on your phone/iPad/Android device) it can provide information about your health habits.  It also syncs with many other health apps.  If you want to track your daily eating habits you can do it through Fitbit or with another app that will sync with your Fitbit.

Not exciting enough? Counting your steps is not all that exciting, but what it is really doing is making you accountable.  Set a goal for the day and now you have motivation to get up and exercise. Yes, I have been known to walk around my apartment to make up 100 steps to reach my daily goal.  You can also broadcast to social networks, connect with friends and set up groups to compete with.

While the Fitbit Zip only tracks steps the Fitbit The One and Flex also tracks stairs climbed in a day and your sleep patterns.

I have the Zip, although the stair tracker and sleep pattern tracker is really cool (I had that in an older version of a Fitbit) they are charged with a special USB charging device.  That’s actually great if you’re close to home.  However, if you’re a traveler then the Zip’s replaceable watch battery might be a better fit. All of the Fitbits sync via Bluetooth to your mobile electronic device (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc)

As for why you should have a Fitbit as a traveler? It’s fun to know how much walking you do on those crazy days when you’re trying to see a whole city in one day. Or maybe you’re having a leisurely experience in a museum.   Of course you’ll eventually find a gelato stand, or a delectable treat on the street or at dinner… But no matter how much I walk and exercise at home, my biggest walking day was at Disney World, I’m wondering if I can beat that on my next trip…

I do have an affiliate relationship with Fitbit and will receive compensation if you purchase through my links.

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