Flying from Delta Terminal 4 at JFK

In November when I flew to Australia my flight from JFK was on Delta and it was my first time flying out of the new Terminal (4) and the first time I would get to see the new Delta Sky Club at Terminal 4.  My vast experience of airline clubs consists of having been to the BA Lounge in JFK once.  So my standards are pretty high and not necessarily based in reality of the average lounge.

First things first, Terminal 4.  It’s a nice terminal.  After security you do have to go downstairs which I always find annoying when they make you change floors.  In the main area by the stairs/escalators/elevators there were a lot of selections of food and shops for the average traveler.  The normal stuff you would find in an airport.  Once you leave that area I found the selection diminished severely.  It had fancier shops and higher end food or just a quick grab a sandwich type of thing.  It was missing more of the fast food places, ya know, quick, hot, crappy food you can eat on the run. The other problem with terminal 4 is it is a LONG WALK to some of those gates and there are not many moving walkways.  When I say long walk, I mean 10-15 minutes from security, possibly more if you’re one of the last gates and you’re a slow walker.

The Sky Club

It was actually very nice in aesthetics, a wide variety of different seating areas for different types of travelers.  There were some snacks and a few complimentary drinks.  Then of course you could order food and drinks at an additional cost.  I found this surprising.  The BA lounge I was in not only had a selection of hot foods, but they had a dining room with a full service buffet with a wide selection of food.  The other problem was that the food to order was not cheap, which probably explains why it was all fancy foods.  It was like they were trying really hard to make a menu to match the prices.  How about a turkey sandwich, you can put it on fancy bread and give it an upgraded condiment with it.  Jazz up something simple instead going all high end and making people pay for it.  So no, I did not order anything, nothing appealed to me.  

Now that I’ve gotten past my bitterness about the food, on to the things I liked.  The views, there were views of the airport on both sides.  There is even an outside deck, allowing you some fresh air and the sounds of planes taking off.  There was perfect weather the day I was there, I enjoyed that spot. 

There are also plugs EVERYWHERE, there was at least one plug at every seat.  Even the dining tables have plugs at them.  Well done on the plugs by Delta – 5 star job!

And after the chaotic day I had before arriving at the airport I was glad to take a shower.  Yes, little shower rooms.  I did like the red walls, nice touch!  I did appreciate the fancy soap on this occasion, though I didn’t bother with washing my hair or anything.  I do think they made a bad call with making clear shower walls.  If someone accidentally walked in on someone, they’ll get a free show before they even realize what had happened. 

No matter the food or if you want a shower, the Sky Club does offer a retreat from the terminal.  Although the terminal wasn’t too crazy or too loud, it’s always nice to have a comfy seat and an outlet to charge your phone.

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