Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. I’ll admit it, I didn’t know there were even that many of them, or that they would be that big and beautiful.  I’ll also admit I was confused by all the trees – it’s a sand island, why are there so many trees?

I never answered any of those questions, but Fraser Island is beautiful.

Of course anything worth seeing is hard to see and Fraser Island is no exception.  You’ll need to take a ferry from Maryborough (2 hours or so north of Brisbane). I believe there is another ferry point and severely limited flight options, but I was more confused the more I looked into it.

Lake McKenzie

So what does the island look like?  It’s covered in very tall trees with sand tracks to drive 4×4’s on.  There are two resort areas that I saw and both were designed to blend into the environment of the island.  There are also lakes a long and gorgeous beach – 75 Mile Beach.

The brush of Fraser Island

What to do on the island?  Most people do a 4×4 tour of the island, but the 4×4’s weren’t what I expected… It was a big bus on giant 4×4 wheels.  That sand roads make for a VERY bumpy ride, probably the craziest ride I’ve even taken, kids will LOVE it! It rained the night we arrived, which made the road much more drivable.  Our guide said they were constantly getting stuck the last two weeks because of the soft sand.

On our 1 day tour we visited Lake McKenzie, it was a bit cloudy and not as pretty as the pictures promise when we were there in the morning, but we also got out of there before the crowds, which made it much more fun for us.  We also did a nature hike and of course a ride along 75 mile beach.

Flying over Fraser Island

On 75 mile beach we saw the Maheno (a ship wreck pronounced Minnow – I’m not kidding) and had the opportunity to do a beach takeoff and landing flight of the island.  Apparently there are only 2 places in the world to do this. I’m always up for a special activity that is unique to a location so of course I spend the $75 to do the flight!  Was it worth it?  Well the flight was short, but I never would have gotten a realistic view of how large the island is and how it looks so tremendously different from above.  It’s one of those things where if you’re on a budget, it may not be worth it, but if you have a bit more money, there is something to be said for taking off and landing on a beach.

The Maheno on 75 Mile Beach



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