Frontier Airlines, What is that on my tail?

When I fly domestically I usually fly Jetblue, though I am flexible depending on routes, flight times and prices.  If I can’t fly Jetblue I try to stick with one of the airlines I have miles with: United, American, Delta.

Between those 4 airlines you can get through most of the US.  But every once in a while you can’t.  For my flight from Denver to Durango I had the choice of an overpriced flight with United (I think my round trip from JFK to DEN was cheaper then the one way from DEN to DUR) or flying Frontier.  I chose Frontier and used their “Classic” service which included a checked bag, zone 2 boarding and a better seat.

My biggest issue with the flight was actually the airport. Frontier has a lot of gates in one small area, with several flights in one corner departing in a short amount of time. It was extremely crowded by the gate at boarding. Which made it kinda funny when they called for their elite customers to board and no one moved.

Once the plane was boarded I realized that all the people were not standing around for this flight since the plane was barely half full.  That meant I had the whole row to myself, I don’t remember the last time that happened to me, if ever.

My pilot was a woman, which instantly warmed my heart to Frontier. But the product was good. The seats were leather, as comfortable as other coach seats and had TV’s at each seat.  Yes, you did have to pay for Direct TV and movies, but at least there was the option.  Since this flight was only an hour and I wanted to take a nap, I never even considered it.

We had no service on this flight, and with only 42 minutes in the air I can understand why.  However, I did once take a 30-minute flight that offered full drink service. That was on Egypt Air’s Aswan to Abu Simble flight. I don’t expect that, but it would be nice if they came by and asked if you wanted a drink, or if they came around with bottles of water and asked if you wanted one.  That could easily be done on a half full flight. Of course I did take a 15-minute nap right after take off and could have missed that too.  But, the FA’s did say there wouldn’t be service; but, if you needed something to let them know.

In the end, I found myself more curious about the airline. I remember seeing their CEO on Undercover Boss and got a good vibe about the airline from that show. Finally flying them that feeling continues. They also seem to be well invested in Colorado, it’s nice to see a company that could easily make things purely about profits want to be a part of their community.

Sadly, I have no idea what animal was on the tail of my plane.

UPDATE:  Via Twitter Frontier contacted me and let me know that Fritz the Mountain Goat was on my tail.  Thank you Frontier!

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