Glenwood Hot Springs

When planning my trip to Colorado my friend suggested going to hot springs, I jumped on the opportunity. There is a certain mystique of hot springs, warm relaxing, and bubbling water. The ultimate hot tub, luckily our hotel included admission with the room.


Just a short walk across the street was the hot springs pool.  When you enter you have to go to the locker rooms to dress/undress, depending on how you look at it. Take a quick shower to rinse off and then you’re free to go soak.

There are two pools, a hotter and less hot pool.  The cooler pool is about 90 degrees, the warmer about 105 degrees, and their temperature will increase or decrease depending on which side of the pool you are in.

There is an interesting dynamic in the pools, while there is a mix of people; it is definitely an older crowd.  There are some kids (of all ages), but they don’t get rowdy like they do in a typical hotel pool.  The adults just stand around, or sit on the stairs and relax.

Of course relaxing is the idea, but I don’t know, I expected more movement in the pool, instead everyone is pretty calm in both pools. And it was a relaxing experience, worth the effort to relax my body and muscles, I can see why people visit hot springs for a weekend of relaxation.

As for the rest of the experience… The locker rooms had plenty of lockers and were only 50 cents per use. There were plenty of showers and changing rooms.  And although I don’t mind seeing other ladies naked (which totally came out wrong), I wish more of them used the changing rooms.

There was a grill for your dining pleasure. Nothing too fancy, but the breakfast was great – lots of variety and lots of food.  A perfect combination!  I suspect the lunch and dinner menus could be a bit healthier – a grill and an a relaxating environment doesn’t seem like a typical combination.  But, at least with variety you can find something for different tastes.

Oh, and the sulfer smell was minimal. I do suggest washing after going in though, I was very itchy after my visit.

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