Gogo Inflight Movies

gogo-logo-lockYou have a 3 hour flight and you want to watch a movie.  BUT, by the time you take off and land there isn’t enough time to watch that 3 hour movie you’ve wanted to see.  If you’re a Gogo Inflight customer, they have a solution for that.


With Gogo Movies you purchase a movie to watch on your flight and you can continue it after your flight. From their facebook page:

All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or tablet. Once you hit 10,000 feet, just switch on your device and connect to the ‘gogoinflight’ Wi-Fi network. Opening your browser will take you to the Gogo homepage, where you can access Entertainment On Demand.


From there, you can browse titles and watch previews at no charge. Once you’ve found what you want, make your purchase, download the plugin if prompted, and enjoy the show. You can even pause, rewind, and finish watching from the comfort of your destination!

You don’t need to pay for a Gogo pass for this service either!  You just need to download the app to your portable device and find the Gogo wifi on your flight. The rental is usually available for 24 hours, enough time to finish a movie when you get back to your hotel.

The price is 99 cents for TV Shows and $3.99 for movies.

Happy Flying!

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