Heavy Breathing in Colorado

I’ve been a skier in the past and on many an occasion I have taken trips that took me into mountains and high altitudes.  I never noticed the altitude unless I was doing something strenuous.  And then I went to Breckenridge.

With the town at 12,000 feet and the surrounding mountains even higher, I was absolutely feeling the altitude.  Little things like eating and drinking were leaving me short of breath.  It was crazy.

Fortunately I wasn’t doing anything strenuous while there, but it did throw me off mentally to feel my body working so hard to do something so simple, like breathe.

What are some symptoms of altitude sickness?



Stomach illness


Sleep Disturbance

Lack of appetite

Shortness of Breath



How do you avoid altitude sickness? Slow ascents, avoid strenuous activities, and keep yourself hydrated.

Have you even suffered from altitude sickness?

This blog is not intended as medical advice, if you are traveling to a high altitude you should consult with a physician to discuss any medical concerns you might have.



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