Heli Tour of Seattle

On my recent trip to Seattle my friends and I wanted to channel a little bit of Christian Grey, so we did a helicopter tour, not that I need much encouragement since I love helicopter tours. As an extra added bonus it was Fleet Week and we were flying during an opening of the TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction).

The downside of the TFR is that we were held on the tarmac for quite a bit waiting for clearance. The upside is that we got to see tons of different planes (Blue Angels, Harriers) taking off and landing, so at least the sights were good.

The helicopter tours fly out of Boeing Field which is to the South of Downtown Seattle.  Our tour started over East Seattle, moved over the water between Seattle and Bainbridge Island, than returned back over the city.  It’s offered fantastic views of the city, naturally.  It helped that it was a perfect day, blue skies, warm temperatures.

While the views don’t quite compete with locations like Hawaii (not that many places do), the mountains framing the city, and the water ways that surround it do make for great scenery.  And the iconic Space Needle looks great from that close up.

I’m almost always going to tell you that if you have a chance that you should do a helicopter tour, and this is not exception.  One thing I particularly liked was that we took a 4 seater helicopter, and there were 3 of us and the pilot. It was nice to have a private tour and be able to joke around more freely than when you’re on a big helicopter with strangers.

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