Iphone 4s

I own a bunch of cameras.  My primary camera is the Canon xsi, but I also own a Canon point and shoot and a camera that is water resistant.  But my new favorite camera is the one on my IPhone 4s.

On my December trip to Disney I took my DSLR and my Iphone, I left the point and shoot at home in favor of the Iphone.  From the bit of testing I had done with it I knew it took good pictures and since it’s my phone I always have it with me.  While there were a few pictures that I had issues with, I also found that the Iphone was always with me and handy and that makes a big difference. 

So for this week, I’m going to suggest the Iphone 4s (I hear the Iphone 4 has a pretty good camera too).  I’m also going to suggest that you practice with it a bit and maybe get a tripod for it if you want to stretch your photography skills.

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