Jetblue broke my heart

Last year I earned 2 Truepasses through Jetblue’s frequent flyer program. I used one of those passes last September, the other will expire tomorrow. I had offered my flight to my mother a while ago and she planned to use it, but then they laid off a bunch of people at work and she couldn’t commit to booking a flight this month. I’ve been toying with some ideas, but with surgery scheduled for next month I can’t even think about a trip (did I just say that?). Then to add insult to injury, Jetblue announced this week that they were shutting down their reservation system today and tomorrow – effectively shortening my year at the last moment, thanks!

On Tuesday night I decided to take action and call Jetblue to see if their are any exceptions to the rule – that would be a big fat NO! And, my agent Karen wasn’t terribly sympathetic to my case, it was just – no, their are no exceptions. I tried to explain again, thinking maybe she needed more persuasion, I ended up convinced that she has no heart. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told I didn’t need one because there are no exceptions. Now I was concerned with the lack of heart thing, and started wondering if she was a computer reading a script. Has Jetblue’s phone been so busy that Karen (or the computer named Karen) forgotten to insert the part about “I’m so sorry about this inconvenience and I understand your frustration, but our policy is that we can not transfer calls to supervisors in regards to extending Truepasses.” No, instead I got, “you don’t need to speak to a supervisor.”

Ya know what, I did, and I still need to.

I promptly went on the website to complain, I submitted my complaint and got a canned response back on Wednesday. Apparently, someone is missing the point. Jetblue is an airline that prides itself on bringing humanity back to air travel – I found that on their website, that’s what they say – there words, not mine. Where is the humanity?

I’ve flown Jetblue many times and I flew with them within the first few months of their launch. I dealt with customer service a couple times and everything always worked out fine and I felt like a valued customer. I’ve had flights delayed with Jetblue and even those were relatively good experiences. My attitude has changed…

I woke up the morning after the call and Jetblue was dead to me, they had broken my heart and I no longer wanted to book a flight with them or fly on their planes. I wrote another letter, a real one, on paper with an envelope and a stamp and a signature (I think my true calling is consumer advocate.) I briefly explained what had happened and how I lost my desire to fly with them. I expressed my concern with customer service – I have NEVER EVER in all the companies that I had called (and trust me I have called my fair share) been told I can’t speak to a supervisor. Then I went into how they weren’t living up to their mission of bringing humanity back to air travel and that I no longer wanted to fly with them that I might as well fly with a legacy carrier because they would at least let me speak with a supervisor.

In the end all I wanted was for Jetblue to act like they cared, to humor me a bit and let me think I’m a special customer to them. Instead, they broke my heart. Jetblue your dead to me!

2 thoughts on “Jetblue broke my heart

  1. The website went down because their entire reservations and operations system upgraded to a new platform. In addition to the site being down, the res systems were down at the same time. for 24hours, no employees could change anything-just check ppl in at the airport. 24hours … That’s it. Although you should have been allowed to speak to a supervisor (i guess), it sounds like they were trying not to waste your time! It would have been the same message anyway.

    24 hours. C’mon. That’s all.

  2. Chris, if you read the post, this happened earlier in the week. Well before they took the system down, this had NOTHING to do with that. Additionally, the email they sent earlier in the week said the system would be down for 2 days, it did not say 27 hours as actually happened.

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