Last Minute Travel Plans

At the end of 2011 I was thinking that maybe I should go to Disney World with my annual pass in January or February before I have surgery in March, enjoy the nicer weather and have a quick fun break.

Then last week I got an email from Amex, they were offering a $100 Amex Gift Card if you purchased a round trip ticket with Delta.  So I started looking for flights to Orlando and found flights for a long weekend for $205, and with the $100 Gift Card it would only really cost me $105.  I was sold, and asked my sister if she wanted to come.  She said yes, and she’s bringing my two nephews too!

Of course no good plan goes unpunished.  With the 4 of us and the overnight change in the price of the flight we’re actually going to fly Jetblue (my preferred airline when flying domestically) and go for 4 days instead of 3.  We’ll be staying at the Polynesian, one of the resorts I’ve wanted to stay at (and will cost me a lot less then if I had to pay for it myself).

So here’s to last minute trips!

Oh, and I have a friend going down for the leap day festivities and since I still have that Amex offer who knows what else could happen.

One thought on “Last Minute Travel Plans

  1. Fun! I booked a February trip to Disney a few months ago when Southwest was having their big sale and got my flight for $87 roundtrip! I’m just going for three nights though 🙂

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