Leave My Undies Alone

I’m frequently listening and reading tips on packing for a trip and it never fails that I hear the recommendation to bring less underwear.  And I always wonder, what the heck is wrong with me bringing a week or two worth of underwear????

Yes, if you’re trying to squeeze into a carryon for more than a few days, yes, I could see this as a potential strategy.  But, under normal conditions, I have enough room for as many pairs of underwear as I want to bring.

Seriously… If push came to shove, I can wear a shirt more than once between washes, pants, etc.  But underwear? Things have to be REALLY bad for me to wear dirty underwear.  Which means, I need to be able to go longer with my underwear.

But then it occurred to me, I’m usually hearing this from men.  Granted, this is a bit of a generalization, but men typically have lower standards of hygiene and there underwear does take up more room than most woman’s underwear. So I can almost see where they are coming from.  It also means, I can bring as much underwear as makes me happy, so stop counting how many pairs of underwear I take!

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