Marking My Spot in Vail

When driving from Glenwood Springs to Breckenridge you pass Vail Resort area. As a former skier, (I didn’t quit, just kinda stopped doing it) I thought we should stop in Vail and see what the place was about. Yes, I knew it was off-season, but I figured something must go on between winter and summer, right?  Wrong!

My first impression of Vail was that is was congested.  It seemed there were tall(ish) condos and apartments on every corner and block. I actually felt a little claustrophobic by how overdeveloped the areas was.

After a few wrong turns we found the Vail Visitors Center. While I marked my spot by using the bathroom, my friend spoke with the employee there.  It seems she might be bored, and no wonder.  The only place open is the library, ski museum and a few restaurants.

After that we walked back to the car, got in, and drove out of Vail, for what I suspect will be the last time.  The architecture in the city was beautiful, but the city was just too congested. Besides, there are other mountains to visit, like Breckenridge.

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