Mesa Verde

While planning my trip to Durango I had heard that Mesa Verde was interesting, or the people were interesting, so obviously I had to go there. Of course all we saw was the National Park, but sometimes that is how it goes.

At first glance the park reminded me a lot of some of the other parks in the region – Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion.  A canyon, this one was desert like.

 Then we stopped at Cliff Palace. Although you need tickets to do a tour of this area, you can take a short walk to an overlook, which is where I got my surprise, the Anasazi ruins.  Yes, I know they don’t call them the Anasazi, but to me that is who they are.  Mostly because that’s what they were called in the romance novels I read about this area.  So yes they are really the Pueblo Indians, but to me they are the Anasazi.

 Although you don’t learn to much by just looking, it’s amazing how well built up the community is, considering they used dirt and water as mortar.

We then drove over to the Spruce Tree House. Although you can walk down here to get a closer look, my friend was recovering from a broken ankle and I’m just a wimp. Well with the higher elevation it would have taken me forever to get backup.  Yea, that sounds good.

After that we headed back to Durango.  One of the interesting things about the ride to and from Durango is going through the smaller towns, I wont mention any names, but people primarily lived in trailer homes.  That’s amusing to a girl who only knows of 1 trailer park in the region she lives in.


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