Printable Packing List For Kids

tripcliplogoWhile I don’t have children of my own, I often travel with my nephews. Fortunately I’m not responsible for packing for them, my sisters do that. For the occasional traveler, packing for your kids probably makes sense.  But, if you travel a lot or would like your children to be more independent while they travel, then printable picture packing lists might be perfect for you to help them started.

There are a lot of different sites that do this, but I like The Trip Clip’s list best. They allow you to select the items you’ll need for the trip yourself.  They have a decent list of items already, but you can also add your own items, though I’m not sure they will come with pictures.

Trip Clip also has some printable games you can bring along on your trip.

Whether you use The Trip Clip (I have no affiliation with them) or another site, this idea will help get your kids involved in the tip and make them better, independent travelers.

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