Put down the camera

Incase my photos of the week haven’t tipped you off, I enjoy photography.  Going through photos after isn’t always as much fun when you take as many as I do, but I love taking them and it’s a labor of love to edit them.  But sometimes you need to put the camera down and be in the moment.

I remember being in Norway on the bus watching the countryside go by.  Then all of a sudden a bunch of reindeer appeared.  I went to take pictures, and I did get a few.  But I had to put my camera down, the reindeer were really cute.  They looked like children playing together.  It gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling that I never get in nature.  Even without any good photos of it, it’s a memory that will live with me stronger then any photos could have.

So even when you’re running around trying to get pictures, remember to stop once in a while and just be in the moment, the memories will be with you longer then your photos.

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