Queen Victoria Market (Melbourne)

While in Melbourne, I decided to do something a little more local after seeing all of the big sights – like the Great Ocean Road and the Little Penguins – so I went to the Queen Victoria Market for breakfast. While the market does have a lot of different offerings, I thought breakfast would be a convenient time of day to go and also a time that might be more authentic.

 I initially walked around the area that offered breads, cheeses and pastries (a good place for breakfast, right?) and the food looked delicious.  In particular the pastries looked delicious, and happy too!

But, I had trouble finding something substantial for breakfast. As cute as those cookies were, I needed something more than sugar.  I moved over to the produce section where I bought myself some fruit to get me through this morning and my last morning in Melbourne.  The fruit was fresh and well, I haven’t got a clue how the prices were, but there was certainly more of a farmers market feeling here then you would get at a grocery store.

After that I went to a little coffee shop outside the produce section where the guy forgot to serve my smoothie.  But once I reminded him it was quite delicious.  I also felt like I was really eating and drinking with the locals, score!

My final stop was in a Christmas shop on the edge of the market, and well, they had a lot of creepy stuff there… Isn’t that part of the experience? It was fun to eat and walk around the Queen Victoria Market, I just wish I had a little more time there to enjoy more aspects.  I highly recommend stopping there, at least for breakfast or lunch and to browse the stalls of food.

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