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As I prepare for my cruise I’ve had a lot of thoughts going through my mind.  Things I’m curious about, excited about, and things to do.

I’m trying to work on excursions.  I’ve often done excursions offered by the cruise ships and while I feel like I’m ready to maybe do some independent tours, I’m also not feeling as independent as I want to feel.  Traveling alone in countries where English is not the first language makes me a little nervous.  What if I miss the ship?  All by myself, no ship, and can’t speak the language.  ACKK!  So I believe I will be booking tours through the cruise ship.
So far in Naples I’ll be doing the “Exclusive Italian Riviera and Pompeii.”
In Florence/Pisa I chose “Pisa and a Taste of Tuscany.”
Rome is tough to decide on since I’ve already been there and do want to do a basic tour, yet even the excursion that just offer transportation to and from the ship costs $100.

About a month and a half before the cruise NCL updated their website so that you can book not only excursions, but also entertainment – dinner and shows.  The problem is that I do want to go and book something for Tuesday night and then find out a bunch of solo passengers are going on Thursday night.  It’s frustrating to my anal planning self!

But never fret, I have found a thread on cruise critic for my cruise, it’s only 51 pages.  I wonder if I can get through all that before the cruise?

2 thoughts on “Random Pre-Cruise Stuff

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with cruise critic. You can get some great advice on there but it can take a LONG time to sift through all the crap! Plus when you post questions you will inevitably get at least one response that’s like “OMG didn’t you do a search and look 15 pages back to this post from 7 months ago, I’m so sick of this question being asked blah blah blah” ::rolls eyes::

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