Rasputin’s New Adventure… Without Me

While in Quito, Ecuador Rasputin and I had an unfortunate parting of the ways. In a separate post I will outline the details but the short story is that on Thursday, September 10, 2015 after 9 years as my travel companion, Rasputin was stolen from me (as was my purse).
My only hope is that Rasputin has found a new friend who will bring him on new adventures.

I found Rasputin on June 22, 2006 in a train station in Copenhagen. I had just finished a tour of Scandinavia and Russia. On the Russia half of the tour our “day song” was Rasputin. I thought he should have a name that reflected the trip I was just finishing.

The choice of name worked out well for Rasputin. Although many people gave a double take when I said the name, it was easy to say, “like the Russian monk” and people knew exactly what his name was. And if taking a picture with a stuffed giraffe isn’t a conversation piece, his name was.When I needed a name for my blog, Rasputin was the inspiration, the little guy with me that took pictures with. We would then go home and he would write the blog with me, in spirit at least.

From the day I got him, Rasputin was my little travel buddy, he made me feel a little less lonely on my solo trips. We’ve been to Disney World several times and even Disneyland once. He’s been to Egypt, Australia, England, Scotland, all over the US, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and the highlight of his little life to South Africa to see real giraffes in the wild. Oh, and a giraffe head on a wall and giraffe skinned purses. South Africa was both a highlight and a humbling experience for Rasputin…



Rasputin was a tricky little guy, a bit like a cat with nine lives. When I went to Australia, right after a shooting at LAX, I left him in my office. Fortunately I was able to talk someone into getting him (and my neck pillow) for me and bring it to me at the airport. They really must love me at work… But Rasputin sometimes fell out of my purse and would be rescued by an excellent taxi driver. Then there was the time that I left him at the art of animation studio at the Hollywood Studios, remembering him when I got to Star Tours. I had to wait at the back door for the ongoing class to end and then ask the cast member about my giraffe I left on the table.


My purse in Quito, Ecuador was the end of his ninth life. But his spirit will live on. While my brother in law always thought I was nuts, people generally loved Rasputin. Flight attendants frequently asked about him, and friends bought him presents for his birthday. He even made friends with other stuffed giraffes. After his loss, I now have a menagerie of stuffed animals donated by friends. I’m not quite sure what I will do with all of them. No stuffed animal can replace 9 years with Rasputin, but the idea of having a little something with me to keep up his mission of traveling the world would be continuing his legacy.

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