Visiting Seattle’s Space Needle

What to do in Seattle??? Of course go to the Space Needle. Yes, it’s an overpriced tourist attraction, but it does offer great views of Seattle. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, a major theme of the fair was Space – hence it was named the Space Needle.

There are two options for visiting the Space Needle: tickets to the observation deck ($19 for adults purchased in advance), or eat at the SkyCity Restaurant (which allows entry to the Observation Deck).

When I went we had lunch at the SkyCity, which rotates (42 minutes for a full rotation) and although the food was pricey, the menu had an interesting variety of food, not the typical fare from a touristy spot.  They also had a cool ice cream dessert, that if nothing else, looked pretty.

The service was good, the  views great and then after we finished eating my friends and I went to the observation deck for some more pictures.  We were there after a late lunch and the observation deck had a good amount of people, but not overwhelming. If you enjoy good views of a city, the Space Needle is a good spot.  The other spot is the Columbia Tower, which I’ll write about in a few weeks.


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