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I recently read an article from about 6 Tips for single vacationers and since that’s often me, I thought I would share a bit about it.

1. The Beach isn’t always best – the claim is that you won’t meet people if your head is buried in a book. You should instead take a vacation where you’re doing activities.  I would agree with this. I think this is why I don’t meet people on planes, my head is buried in my book. But I do get out and do things once I’m in my destination.

2. Try a singles package – I haven’t done this, but I have always taken tours where you can book as a single and I do find there aren’t as many couples on these trips.

3. Reserve a room in a smaller hotel. I do find that big chain hotels are not terribly social, except for maybe the hotel bar. Pick a hostel or a smaller B&B style of hotel.

4. don’t plan your whole vacation in advance – Ok, I do this all the time. Hey, some things need to be planned in advance if you want to do them. But, I do think it’s good to have some flexibility so you can go off and do something different with new friends you meet.

5. Find other tourists to talk to – locals aren’t going to drop things to spend time with you. But tourists, they’ll do that, they have no problem altering plans to spend time with other travelers. Especially if they read #4

6. Try these easy ice-breakers – travelers have easy excuses to strike up conversations with others – whether asking direction or for travel advice. This is one thing I’ve always enjoyed about traveling by myself, I’m forced to do this and I often meet people as a result. Even if you’re not getting a date or a travel buddy, it’s a good way to break the monotony of being alone.

Do you have any tips for solo single travelers?

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