Space Hotel (Melbourne)

For my trip to Australia I wanted to push my comfort zone and opted to stay in some hostels. In Melbourne I stayed at the Space Hotel in a single room.  I arrived after 11PM on a Sunday night and the staff was friendly and I was upgraded to a larger room on the 4th floor.  I got a full size bed for my stay and more space. 

 I had read, and it is true that the bathrooms are not that clean.  It’s not that they’re dirty, but with the amount of traffic they get they could be cleaned more often.  It would probably also help if they used better toilet paper that didn’t fall apart when you tried to pull it.  Each floor had 5 bathrooms and mine had 1 or 2 handicapped bathrooms.  If you can claim a handicap you might do better with the bathrooms.  I found the number of bathrooms to be sufficient even though I had to wait to shower one morning.  The bathrooms were situated with a shower, toilet and sink, so one stop shopping.  The bathroom would benefit from more counter space too, but it was workable. 

The room was nice, and included a flat screen TV and an iPod/iPhone player, though it was not compatible with new lightening chargers.  The bed was on the stiffer side, but at least there were no divots in it.  There were plenty of plugs in the wall, handy even though I only had one plug adapter.  The room temperature was adjustable and there was a closet, desk and 2 night stands.

As for the rest of the hotel…  There was a gym, which was on the small side, lounges, meeting rooms, a kitchen, laundry, a bar and a rooftop area.  The rooftop seemed like a nice area with lounge chairs and a hot tub, if I had more time I would have hung out there more often.

The location was just ok.  Although it was near a couple sites I wanted to see, it was not in the heart of the Central Business District so there was not as much foot traffic, restaurants or shops in the area, which was disappointing. 

Overall it was a nice hotel/hostel.  Although I would consider staying again, I would likely explore other options in Melbourne before jumping on this one again.

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