Spirit, checked bags and fees for seats

A couple airlines last week announced a increase in checked baggage fees – I think it’s Continental and Delta but I’m not really sure. And does it REALLY matter, I hate the fees and try to stick with airlines without fees and if I don’t I know I’m getting hit over the head with these fees anyway.

But this week I ran into a work friend who is going to Myrtle Beach this Spring and is flying Spirit Airways. Our conversation reminded me of how much I know (even when I think I don’t) about travel and that there are so many people who don’t know much – the rookies of travel. Well my friend booked his $100 ticket that cost him like $300, he was shocked. I might have the prices a bit off, but the story is still the same… He saw the price, the non-stopness and booked the ticket. Then there were fees for his 2 bags (he’s going for golf) and then the fee to choose his seat. What he thought was a good deal was in fact not that good of a deal and after booking the flight he found out that the flight would cost a lot more then he expected. When I think about how annoying I find the checked bag fee now I think how much worse it is for those who find out after booking their flight, at least I am able to factor that into my cost of the flight when booking the flight. Lets just say that my friend doesn’t have a good opinion of Spirit Airways, so is the cost worth it if my friend forever avoids Spirit Airways?

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