Strater Hotel

While in Durango my friend and I visited the Strater Hotel for a drink at the Diamond Belle Saloon.  The Straiter was built in 1887 by Henry Strater. It’s known as being the place where Louis L’Amour wrote, specifically in room 222, above the Diamond Belle Saloon.

  The hotel was beautiful and really does transport you to Victorian America, a well-kept time warp.  Even the staff are dressed for the period, though they didn’t talk funny like they were over 100 years old.

My friend and I tried to do the Sunday Brunch, but when we walked in at 11 AM they said it was too early. Brunch started at 11 AM.  We didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling from the Brunch staff there.  Otherwise, it’s a nifty atmosphere for a drink and a little time travel.

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