Sydney Harbor Bridge Pylon

Last week I wrote about climbing Sydney Harbor Bridge, but I know it’s not for everyone. So this week I will write about a great alternative if you can’t do it due to time, money or fear. You can climb the bridge pylon for great views of the city and learn a lot about the bridge too.

Admission to the pylon is only $13.00, much cheaper then climbing the bridge. There are 200 steps inside the pylon and museum. There are a couple levels of museum, telling the story of building the bridge from the politics of it to the actual building of it.  You wont have to walk all 200 steps at once.

At the top there is a walkway where you can see 360 degree views of the harbor, it’s amazing and windy. It was really windy the day I was there.  The only disappointment was that it is not open at night for night views of the city, that would be amazing. If you’ve done the bridge climb and have the time, I would still recommend doing the pylon. You can learn a bit more about the bridge and take your own pictures of the harbor. It might be even better if you did it on a day with different weather so you can get a different perspective on the city.

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