May 25

Bucket List Item – Attending the Olympics

Several years ago I was discussing with some friends what to do to celebrate a big birthday. During that conversation I mentioned that for my last mile stone birthday I spend a month in Scandinavia and Russia. I needed to come up with something good for my next mile stone. During that conversation I realized that the Olympics were this year and also on my bucket list. After almost a year of planning, I’ll be going to the 2016 Rio Olympics!


My friend and I have been planning the trip since last spring when the initial ticket lottery opened up. In that lottery my friend and I got tickets to diving and Rowing. We then added tickets to Beach Volleyball and Gymnastics when we purchases a package. After that another friend joined into the mix and our ticket stash grew to include Rugby, Track and Field, Fencing, Equestrian Horse Jumping, and swimming.

It’s a pretty full line up with a gap or two for events we want to see, with word that ticket sales are low we’re hoping to pick up a few more tickets when it’s closer. We’ve also booked flights and are staying with a friend in Rio, which is saving us a lot of money.

We’re both super excited and are welcome to hear any tips you might about attending the Olympics.


Aug 10

Travel Declarations!

I apologize for not posting more often on Friday’s.  I started a little venture with a friend and it’s taking up a lot of my free time, combined with not having much to review or recommend.

But I am here today to declare new vacation commitment/plan/idea.  For my 30th Birthday I spent a month in Scandinavia and Russia.  For my post dental work trip I’m currently planning on doing Australia for 3-4 weeks late next year.  When I retire from my job in 7 years I want to travel around the world.  That leaves me with, what to do for my 40th Birthday????  Well it’s in 4 years and on my bucket list is to go to the Olympics so for my 40th Birthday I’m going to the Olympics in Rio!!!!!  And with 4 years to plan I have no excuses for not planning appropriately.