Oct 22

Sydney Opera House

What to do on a rainy day in Sydney? I visited the Sydney Opera House and took the Sydney Opera House Tour. Tours are a bit pricey, just like everything else in Australia, and last about a hour.

  My tour guide was great and seemed to love the facility and the story about it.  The tour primarily keeps you in the common areas of the opera house, but when they can, you are brought into some of the different the theatres. We were able to see rehearsals in 3 of the theatres. We also had Hugh Jackman’s wife walk by us, apparently their daughter was rehearsing in one of the theatres.

But the story of the building is interesting in its own right.  Jorn Utzon didn’t exactly have a plan for how to build his ship sail designed building, but it impressed the committee choosing designs.  The 14 year building process didn’t go quite as well and eventually Jorn returned to Denmark and never returned to see his design completed.  The story is amazing, as well as the history of all the great actors who have performed on the stages of the Sydney Opera House.

Of course you could also see a show at the Opera House, it’s not just operas, but concerts, plays, ballets and we saw a rehearsal for an awards show.
The tour was interesting and informative. It’s great on a rainy day or as a break from the summer heat.  If you’re on a budget, try to book in advance with their online discounts.