Jul 18

Pancake’s On The Rocks

While I was in Sydney I met up with a friend, we spend the day going to see Bondi Beach and the fireworks at Darling Harbor.  While in Darling Harbor she pointed out “Pancakes On The Rocks” a popular Sydney restaurant, as noted by the long line out the door.

Nellie suggested that I try and eat at the one near my hostel, the one that’s actually in The Rocks.  So, on a rainy morning when I was hoping the weather would clear up I figured I would enjoy a leisurely breakfast there.  The rain didn’t clear as fast as I had hoped it would, but at least I had a nice breakfast.

As you might expect they specialize in pancakes and they were quite good.  As I found during most of my trip the menu was a bit odd, not because it was odd but because Aussies even do breakfast different than we do in the US. As much as this picky eater pretends to appreciate different menus, it is stressful, but at least at a pancake place, you can find something in your comfort zone.

The only thing that really surprised me was that it was empty.  Granted, it was during the week when most people were starting their day at work, but it was dead inside.  The lesson there is, go during the week when people are at work, not on a Saturday night in Darling Harbor.