May 28

Q Station

While I was in Sydney I met up with some old friends I had met on a pervious Contiki Tour.  When they suggested visiting Q Station, or Quarantine Station, I was intrigued.

We started our visit at the Boilerhouse for dinner.  The menu was a bit fancy for my taste, but the food was delicious.  The setting was very nice, I’m just sorry we missed the sunset while we were eating.  The only issue we had was that although the dinner was booked as a package with a ghost tour, they didn’t seem to be worried about time and we were a few minutes late for the tour.

Our ghost tour started with the distribution of ghost meters.  Don’t be too surprised, but mine did not work. Didn’t even have a fake reading.  But the tour was fun anyway.

Our guide had obviously been around for a while and knew the place well and had lots of stories to tell, much of it was history based about Q Station, and some of it was about ghosts people had seen there.

I enjoyed the history the best, how they quarantined everyone coming in, and sadly how many died there before seeing any of Australia.  I felt bad for the families that were separated with little or no word about family members.  Interesting to think of that happening so recently.

As for the ghost tour element, it was a bit cheesy at times, but still fun.  And even by the end of the tour I was getting a little nervous. But, I am afraid of ghosts, even though I never saw one.

They hid a ghost for us

Q Station is a bit hard to get to for tourists, it’s not too far from Manly Beach, but off the beaten track. I did enjoy the meal there and the history.  If you’re into history and visiting Sydney, this is a good option to get a different view of Australia.