Jun 18

How Long To Stay In Melbourne?

When I planned my trip to Australia I booked my flights first and planned the trip second.  Once I had those dates I had to figure out what I wanted to do, what I really wanted to do and how much jumping around the country I was willing to do.  I decided that although I wanted to see a lot, I did not want to rush either.

So the question was, how long should I spend in Melbourne?  A couple Aussie friends told me that 4 days would be good, that’s what I did and is what I would recommend.

I planned 4 days there, but ended up sort of screwing up a bit because I didn’t really factor in the Melbourne Cup, and subsequently didn’t have quite as much time there as I would have liked.

What type of itinerary would I recommend with 4 days?

1 day for the Great Ocean Road

1 afternoon and night for the Phillip Island Penguins

2 days in the city

What to do with those two days?

Depending on what catches your interest in the city, you could see the city in either one or two days.  If you’re into it, though you could spend one of those days doing a wine tour. The Yarra Valley is supposed to have some of the best Australian wines and something I would have done if I had another day there.

Have you been to Melbourne, how long would you recommend spending in the city?

May 02

What to do in your state?

A few weeks ago the Huffington Post had an article about what to do in each state.  While some of the suggestions were classic, a few were a bit unusual.

In the case of my state, New York, they suggested Long Island’s east end wineries.  I have only been out to them once, but I really did enjoy my trip.  The wines were good and their are also a lot of farms in the area, so I was able to get some fresh fruits.

But it’s not an obvious choice for a state that has week, New York City.

So, what do you think of what they chose for your state?