The Lodge and Spa At Breckenridge

While staying at Breckenridge I wanted a hotel with a view of the mountains, really, why stay in the mountains off-season and not see the mountain?  That brought us to The Lodge and Spa and Breckenridge.

The hotel is located across from the Breckenridge ski area, giving a great view of the mountain.  It had a great rustic Colorado mountain resort feel to it, with fireplaces, wood, and wood smell. The staff was friendly and helpful, making for a warm welcome.

Our room obviously wasn’t newly renovated, but it worked. The room had two beds, a desk with chairs, and a dresser that all matched.  The armoire though was a dark wood, which was odd and out of place, but also offered storage and a place for our flat screen TV.   I guess you can’t have everything.

We also had a balcony, allowing us an unobstructed view of the mountains with privacy.  The roof of it also shielded us from the snow. Unfortunately the snow also meant clouds were obstructing out view of the ski resort; fortunately, the weather cleared a bit in the morning.

When we checked in we were offered a visit to the spa and made appointments for massages.  The spa area, including the gym, which was not the most modern, but certainly did the job.  My massage was great, but my friend said hers was too strong, even after she asked the girl to go lighter.  Not sure what to say about that, other then I guess its luck of the draw like any time you go to a new place. In addition to the fitness center they also had hot tubs on the deck.

The hotel does include breakfast, a typical continental breakfast with a great view from the room of the mountains.  The hotel did also offer Wi-Fi throughout the hotel (a new feature).

If you’re going during the winter to ski I’m not sure this is the best place, as it’s up a big hill and a distance from the ski area. There does seem to be some sort of shuttle in the area so that may make it an easy ride. But if you just want to relax in the area, this is a nice lodge with great views.

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