The London Eye

When I was in London I decided I wanted to ride the London Eye. Most of the reason I wanted to ride was that I had heard so much about it that I simply got curious, I do love a good view of a city though.

When I had booked my return plane ticket from London I choose to fly in the evening so that I would have some time during the day to continue exploring the city. But during my trip I had made some plans to go to the airport with a Contiki tour mate, but we were going to go after checkout time and end up stuck at Heathrow for hours. I got some inspiration from some other tour mates and reverted to my original plan and decide to do the London Eye. The London Eye is pretty darn big and moves pretty darn slow, but gives a fantastic view of the city.

I’m not going to really recommend the Eye though. It’s overpriced ($25-$30 then, 17 pounds now), yea it’s cool and I’m sure it’s expensive to run, but it was too much money for an overhead view of the city. I was lonely, you’re stuck in the pod for the half hour that it takes to go around and since I was alone it was lonely and boring – too much time around strangers and without friends. Finally, the wait, even with an appointment time the wait was too long, a half hour wait on line then half hour to go around. It was just too much money and took too long for what you ultimately got – a view of the city.

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