The Melbourne Cup as a solo person

When I was planning my trip to Australia one of my Australian friends suggested that it was Melbourne Cup when I was there and to either go and embrace it, or avoid the city during that period.  I decided to embrace it and bought myself general admission tickets, since that what it seemed that people did.  I didn’t find this to be my best choice on this trip for a number of reasons.

When I was planning my trip the Melbourne Cup I couldn’t find much information about what to do once you were there, just info on the layout of Flemington, how to get there and how to bet.  What I didn’t realize is that this is really a group activity.  As in groups of Aussies picnicking in their Sunday finest and occasionally watching a horse race.  I arrived early, but by early afternoon it was crazy crowded, lines for everything were massive and there was nowhere to sit.  If I had to do it over again, I would probably skip it or at least book a ticket with a seat instead of general admission.

But there were a few things I liked.  I had fun picking an outfit and getting a fascinator for the event. Though the weather forecast kept changing and I ended up over dressed. But it was also fun watching other people so dressed up and what types of hats and fascinators they came up with.  The horses were nice too, I’m glad I found where they are in their stalls, they were beautiful horses!  And well, now I can say I’ve gone.

What would I recommend to others attending?

Arrive early, whether you have a seat, are with a group, arrive early. It’s much easier to get around and see stuff there if you’re there before noon.  If you are not in a group where you can leave someone with your stuff, then get a ticket with a seat instead of general admission, you’ll be much more comfortable.  Walk around and see the different areas, attractions and food options at the cup, there is a very wide variety.

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